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Advertising in the Newsletter

Advertisements in our regular Newsletter as well as in our concert programmes enable you to reach an interesting and continually growing target group in the Zug region.

Our Prises:


1/3-Column: 300.-
2/3-Column: 500.-
3/3-Column: 600.-

Concert programmes:

1/4-Column: 300.-
1/2-Column: 500.-
1/1-Column: 900.-

Surcharge cover pages (only 1/1 pages)

3. cover page: +20% (1080.-)
2. cover page: +30% (1200.-)
4. cover page: +50% (1350.-), mainly main sponsor/project partner

Discounts (cumulative):
Putting an adverisement in both the bulletin and the programm: -20% (on the full price)
Direct booking in the next following bulletin or programm: -20% (follow-on booking)

If you would be interested, please contact:

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