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Advertising in our concert programmes

Advertisements in our concert programmes enable you to reach an interesting and continually growing target group in the Zug region.

Our Prises:


1/3-Column: 300.-
2/3-Column: 500.-
3/3-Column: 600.-

Concert programmes:

1/4-Column: 300.-
1/2-Column: 500.-
1/1-Column: 900.-

Surcharge cover pages (only 1/1 pages)

3. cover page: +20% (1080.-)
2. cover page: +30% (1200.-)
4. cover page: +50% (1350.-), mainly main sponsor/project partner

Discounts (cumulative):
Putting an adverisement in both the bulletin and the programm: -20% (on the full price)
Direct booking in the next following bulletin or programm: -20% (follow-on booking)

If you would be interested, please contact:

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