About us

Guiding Principles

1. Aspiration
Audite Nova – Hear Ye!  With interesting programmes and strongly expressive performances we stand for choral music of the highest quality.  Our concerts offer access to this music to a broad range of culturally interested people.

2. Profile
We are a large mixed choir of qualified amateur singers under the direction of a professional, internationally recognized choral conductor. Our singers are well balanced among all vocal ranges and vary in age from 20 to 60.  In our concerts we collaborate with professional orchestras and soloists.

3. Goals
Our main activity centres around distinguished and stylistically appropriate performances of choral-symphonic works and challenging a capella literature from the Renaissance to the present.  We are highly regarded as a reliable and interesting participant in Zug cultural life. We actively support the training of young singers and cultivate fellowship within the Choir community.

4. Target groups
Our efforts are directed to culturally interested people of all ages from Zug and the region.  In particular we cultivate contact with our friends, supporters and former members, as well as promoters of cultural events, cultural foundations and cultural agencies in the City and Canton of Zug.  We direct special attention to the encouragement and support of young choral singers.

5. Chorus activity
Admission to the Choir is by audition.  We rehearse regularly as a group and we work individually on developing our vocal skills with the aim of improving the choral sound and articulation.  We continually put our abilities to the test by the performance of challenging works as well as exchanges with other choirs both within and outside Switzerland.  Our Choir is an active member of the Swiss Federation Europa Cantat SFEC.

6. Finances
We are financed through membership subscriptions, concert ticket sales, contributions from supporting donors and cultural foundations, fees from guest performances, bequests, and general subsidies and conditional grants from government agencies.

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